Geoffie (mrrules) wrote,

Black Saturday

Last Saturday brought the worst bushfires in Australia's history to town. Melbourne recorded an all-time high temperature (in recorded history) of 46.2C/115F with strong northerly winds bringing the heat from central Australia tearing down across the state, which was tinder dry from 10 years of drought.

Entire towns were wiped from the map, and the current death toll stands at 173, but there are many areas that fire fighters have not been able to enter yet. It's very grim. I was not directly affected, but I know many people who were. All the news broadcasts have been extended by at least 30 minutes on all channels, as the news organisations joust for positioning as only they can.

Some articles that are worth reading include:
Grieving Victoria takes stock (ABC News)
How we cheated death (The Australian)

And a favourite of several of us, BigPicture, has just done a photo series.

And, of course, this one.

And Web 2.0 jumped in, of course, with twitter and several Google maps mashups of the fires.

Tags: australia, bushfire, news, victoria
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